Wolf and Woman


Whiskey infused.
ramen addict. 
roaming everywhere. 
literature snob. Wildish heart. 

Hey hey hello! I'm Chloe. Hailing from Wisconsin. I'm the mother of the raddest kid, who I named after my favorite Steinbeck novel, East of Eden. I'm a movie buff and if I could live in a Wes Anderson film I definitely would.  I do a mean Cher impersonation and I'll eat anything except bananas. Give me endless nights of live outdoor music. I'm an INTP and I kind of thrive under pressure. I hate small talk but if you engage me in a topic I'm passionate about I'll go on forever. I lived in Alaska when I was a kid. I only cut my hair about once a year. I have a cat named Dear Prudence Grey Spot that acts like a dog.

chloe about red hat.png

I've been doing this photo thing since 2009. It has connected me with some amazing people. It's taken me all over country and to other countries too (I'll give you a deal for bringing me to your stomping grounds!) And it's given me the chance to express myself creatively and let my clients collaborate with me. Boudoir, Seniors, and Weddings are my jam. AKA I'll be your best friend, mentor, and party starter. 
I like quirky and moody and grungey photos. I like the obscure. I really love the small moments, the candid in between times. But I get super excited planning out and executing artistic shots. My style is laid back so you'll feel comfortable to be yourself but it'll look a touch editorial. Ya dig?



I am insanely passionate about my job and I work best with adventurous people, who trust my vision. People who appreciate the interesting and the unusual. People who want one of a kind images and experience.
I pour my heart and soul into my work because I believe it's an extension of myself. So I expect my clients to show up, bring their energy, and really get into the process of not just taking photos but of making art. We're going to get weird and experiment and laugh and probably trespass and take breaks to sip whiskey. 
Sound like you're kind of thing? Awesome. Holler at me.


Photos of me by the one and only : Hannah Mae Toldt