so I am heading out of the country in just 16 days to shoot my first wedding on the year in Mexico! and I just realized I haven't shared my photos from my Utah trip yet. I know. I'm a slacker. 
so back in November I attended a workshop with the awesome kick ass photog phenom Brooke Davis Johnson of Blush Photography. Just the thought of workshops normally freaks me out. I mean, sitting around in a classroom with a bunch of stylish bubbly ladies sounds painful. Brooke's workshop was suuuper laid back though. We sat around a campfire and her hubby Tavis hooked me up with some delicious Utah beer (it may have been like 11 am but hey I'm a Wisco girl. totally acceptable.) There were only 5 of us who attended so it was nice and intimate. We spent the first half just relaxing and talking about everything from our personal lives to our biggest fears in business to social media. After shooting in the afternoon we went back to the campground and ate and drank (more) bourbon under the stars. It was fantastic. now I'm going to overwhelm you with workshop pictures. eat your heart out. 


shooting in direct sun might be my new favorite thing...

zion national park engagement session

oh sweet baby jesus. that is some delicious light.

zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session

have mercy!!! I seriously want to only shoot in Zion foreverrrr.

zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session
zion national park engagement session

so besides learning a bunch of new ish, I did some adventuring. because how are you gonna go to Utah and not?! this was my first time doing any sort of back country hiking. My shoulders and feet ached afterwards. I froze my butt off on the ground in a really small tent one night. I got all sorts of sweaty and gross during the day. and honestly it was on the happiest times of my life. Zion is breath taking. literally. most of the time I just looked around me barely able to breathe or form sentences other than "oh. my. gosh." 

zion national park utah
zion national park utah

yes. yes I was creeping on this adorable old man. I hope I am still out exploring the world when I'm his age.

zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion national park jolly gulch utah

at one point during the back country hike I was all tears. I was so overwhelmed and grateful that I am physically and financially able to travel. I realized just how small and insignificant I am. And yet how strong and powerful I am. 

zion national park utah
ponderosa ranch zion utah

If you go to Zion I highly highly suggest staying at Ponderosa Ranch. Super affordable, clean, comfortable, and free breakfast! everything from old school camp sites to huge pimped out condos. 
The last night in Utah the stars were insane. So even though I had no tripod and we were extremely exhausted from hiking and I had never done any night photography before, we went out and did the damn thing.

zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion national park utah
virgin river zion national park utah
the narrows zion national park utah

so.. come to find out... November in Zion is pretty chilly. On our way out we stopped at The Narrows because duh... it's the place to be. The plan was just to see it because the water was way to cold to actually walk through. Then I saw this bad ass lady above hiking through the Narrows with a baby on her back!!! so you know what happened next...

the narrows zion national park

yes. it was ridiculously cold and I thought I might lose my toes. yes these are cell phone pics and they're still decent. 

the narrows zion national park utah
zion national park utah
zion landscape ponderosa.jpg

you've got more than money and sense my friend
you've got heart
and you go in your own way
what you don't have now will come back again
you've got heart
and you go in your own way

An Open Letter To: Everyone

I don't normally speak out about political or social issues through my business. I don't post about them on my personal social media pages. I am usually the agree to disagree type. I am not easily offended about other people's political, personal, religious beliefs. 

But lately I feel extremely drained, hurt, and angry. And scared. I am scared because I have an almost 7 year old daughter who is funny and sensitive and one of the most tender hearted people I know. I am scared because this past weekend I hung out with a group of hilarious and bright teenage girls. And I know what they will have to face. It breaks my heart to think of the situations they will inevitably be placed in. It tears me apart to think about anyone ever making them feel that they are worthless… or really only worth one thing. 

Sometimes, even though these are my stories, I am shocked that they are real.
Because coming to your house does mean I am going to spend the night. If I forcefully push your hands away and say "stop". It does not mean "hey try that again! I might change my mind." 
I remember a year or so ago being out to dinner with my boyfriend at the time. We were eating at the bar and it was close to 9. Another man down the bar came over and asked "How much to take her home?" to this day I am slightly upset that I didn't let my boyfriend kick his ass.The amount of times I have gotten a text or a snap asking for "a picture" is appalling.
The fact that guys ask me what kind of underwear I have on before they ask me what my interests and hobbies are is disgusting. 
The fact that guys grab my ass without even knowing my name or lets be honest before even SPEAKING to me makes my skin crawl. 

And you might say "Hey Chloe. You are meeting these guys in the wrong places!" well let me tell you… these guys… yes the stories mentioned above.. are guys I have met through friends, at weddings, at concerts, and yes… even at church. And even the ones that I have met while working at a bar or while out with my friends do not have the right to treat me in such way. I should be able to leave my house without fear of being verbally and physically harassed no matter where I am.

You also might say "Well watch what you wear, say, your body language." Really? Watch what I wear? Have you met me? My "fancy" means throwing earrings and my leather jacket on with my torn up chucks and blue jeans. Not exactly throwing out the vibes people. I also should not have to censor the way I carry myself. Sometimes I laugh loud. Sometimes I touch peoples arms when I speak to them. Sometimes I get goofy and break out my "tricks" like licking my elbow or whipping my hair really fast or walking on the tops of my feet. None of those things mean anyone is "allowed" to treat me in a certain way. 

Many people (read: men) have heard these stories and told me "You should take it as a compliment!" Yes. You read that right. Are you kidding me? What. The. Hell. What part of those stories, what part of the disgusting things men have said to me, is a compliment? Because to me it isn't a compliment. They were not trying to make ME feel good. I know that for a fact. They were not trying to compliment me. They actually believe they can say whatever, do whatever, they want to me regardless of the way it makes me feel. And none of it felt good. Let me tell you how it felt. 
It felt like my only value is determined by my looks, my body, my sex. It was rude. It was embarrassing. It pissed me off. 

Dear men: 
I do not care if I have known you my whole life or for one week.
I do not care if you bought me one drink or ten.
I do not care if I laugh at all your jokes.
I do not care if I let you hold my hand.
I do not care if I let you kiss me.
I do not care if I gave you my number or took yours.
I do not care if I agreed to have coffee, a drink, or dinner with you.
I do not care if I am dressed up or in leggings.

None of these situations means that you are in any way entitled to my body. If I say no it means no. You have "earned" nothing. I am not being coy. I am not playing hard to get. I am not being a tease. I am not trying to make you "chase me". I am simply saying NO. 

Dear women:
You are beautiful. Not because of your body but because of your mind, your heart, and your soul.
You are interesting. The thoughts, ideas, and dreams you have are interesting and valuable.
You have worth beyond measure. 
Your body is not here for anyone's validation but yours. So eat what you want, wear what you want, workout when you want and own it!
If you want to say no, say no. This applies to everything in life. Men, careers, friends, family. If it isn't right for you. If it isn't a healthy decisions. If your gut, your heart, your head is screaming no, then girl you had better say "NO!" 

When you say no. When you have higher expectations for yourself and the way others treat you, there will be backlash. Believe me. When you stand up and say "I'm worth more than that." or a simple but firm "No." you won't get off easy. I have been called bitch, tease, cunt, whore and even given the silent treatment for the remainder of dates. And the list isn't limited to that. But when that happens cling to the fact that you are worth more. Because that's the truth. The rest is just noise. 


I understand that this was mostly just me ranting. I guess my hope is that maybe if we talk about this more. Maybe if every woman stands up and says "This is not ok. I will not be treated this way." and all the good guys out there (because I know you're out there! Shout out to all the stand up men I know!!) say "This is not ok. I won't let other men treat women this way." maybe things will start to change. Damn. I hope things start to change. 

I hope this makes you uncomfortable. Because it definitely makes me uncomfortable.  

Peace Out 2015

oh 2015. it's definitely been a year. we're gonna try to do this obligatory end of the year post as quick as possible. 

chloe ann photography wisconsin wedding photographer
chloe ann photography 2015


I turned 25
Eden finished kindergarten and started first grade (scary)
Hannah, Eden and I moved into the an apartment affectionately known as The Lady Lounge. 
I read a lot. 
I lost my grandfather.
I saw a lot of live music. Bush. Theory of a Deadman. Promised Land Sound. Alabama Shakes. Asgeir. Hozier. Rob Zombie. The Rolling Stones. Ivan & Alyosha. Noah Gundersen.
I went to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. 
I spent time doing more of what I wanted to do like reading, cooking, being outside. I let go of some unhealthy habits and relationships and made new healthy ones.
all of the weddings I shot this year were amazing. adored them all and I really felt like I was being connected with my ideal clients. and I got to photograph some really bad ass boudoir. 

chloe ann photography 2015 personal
chloe ann photography 2015


here's goals and things I'm excited about in 2016- 

MEXICO! (duh)
drink more water
consume less meat/animal byproducts
more hiking and back packing!
more kayaking!
more date nights with the man
more date nights with the little
shoot more boudoir
dream trip in August!! (am I allowed to talk about this Bonnie? oh well. no location disclosed to the public yet. more on that later.)
watch all of AFI's 100 Greatest American Movies (is this even realistic? who knows.)
start an effing book club! 
start lifting again

ok I think that's enough. 

chloe ann photography 2015

Peace Out 2015!!