Jenna + Drew

I can't believe this is the third year I have photographed these two. The third year I have known them and called them friends. I think it's pretty rare to meet people at this point in your life who you know will be part of your life forever. So much has happened and so much has changed since I met Jenna and Drew at their one year anniversary shoot. I am so so glad the universe brought us together. I love how easy it is being around them. How we can talk about anything and everything. How much we laugh when we're together. How they are always willing to open their home to me (or anyone else). How they listen and give solid advice. Basically they're my favorites. 
I really really love when I get these guys in front of my camera. They have such an awesome connection and don't need a lot of direction. Basically we just crack jokes the whole time. So this year I ended up in urgent care with strep throat just a couple days before their shoot. Luckily I slept for about 48 hours straight and ate a lot of popsicles so I could make the trek down to photograph them. Once I got there we drank some (and by some I mean a ton) of wine and then ran around the field behind their house with smoke bombs. It basically ended up being the best shoot ever. Luckily the wine eased the pain in my throat and we got to go hit up my old stomping grounds in Fort Atkinson, gorge ourselves on the best freaking Italian food ever, and hang out at everyone's favorite Irish pub. So the point of all that was just to say that when the three of us get together it's my favorite time. Love you both Jenna and Drew! (And Chloe and Tucker too of course!)