Peace Out 2015

oh 2015. it's definitely been a year. we're gonna try to do this obligatory end of the year post as quick as possible. 

chloe ann photography wisconsin wedding photographer
chloe ann photography 2015


I turned 25
Eden finished kindergarten and started first grade (scary)
Hannah, Eden and I moved into the an apartment affectionately known as The Lady Lounge. 
I read a lot. 
I lost my grandfather.
I saw a lot of live music. Bush. Theory of a Deadman. Promised Land Sound. Alabama Shakes. Asgeir. Hozier. Rob Zombie. The Rolling Stones. Ivan & Alyosha. Noah Gundersen.
I went to Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park. 
I spent time doing more of what I wanted to do like reading, cooking, being outside. I let go of some unhealthy habits and relationships and made new healthy ones.
all of the weddings I shot this year were amazing. adored them all and I really felt like I was being connected with my ideal clients. and I got to photograph some really bad ass boudoir. 

chloe ann photography 2015 personal
chloe ann photography 2015


here's goals and things I'm excited about in 2016- 

MEXICO! (duh)
drink more water
consume less meat/animal byproducts
more hiking and back packing!
more kayaking!
more date nights with the man
more date nights with the little
shoot more boudoir
dream trip in August!! (am I allowed to talk about this Bonnie? oh well. no location disclosed to the public yet. more on that later.)
watch all of AFI's 100 Greatest American Movies (is this even realistic? who knows.)
start an effing book club! 
start lifting again

ok I think that's enough. 

chloe ann photography 2015

Peace Out 2015!! 

Logan + Jordan

Last month I hopped on a plane bound for Arizona to photograph one of my favorite couples. I have photographed Logan and her fiancé Jordan twice before this but both times where in the freezing wisconsin winter. So when Logan asked me to come out to Phoenix I was beyond thrilled. I spent the whole week soaking up the sun, drinking yummy beer at Mother Bunch, getting my butt kicked in video games by a 5 year old, and running around the desert taking pictures. 

I'm so grateful that Logan and Jordan got me out of the cold midwest, opened their home to me, and let me take their photos. These two are so hardworking and just downright lovely inside and out. And they are raising the most gentlemanly, hilarious, adorable 5 year old ever! 

can we all just take a minute to acknowledge how fabulous Logan and Jordan are? and how gorgeous that desert light is? have mercy!

Logan & Jordan- so much has changed since the first time I photographed you guys. I am just so happy for you two (well three actually) and where your life is headed. keep loving each other hard and putting your family first. I have no doubts that you will have a full life full of happiness and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. also… I am going to have come back if only to snuggle your new puppy! xoxo