Lexi + Mitch - St Paul Wedding

I love every wedding I shoot. I adore all my couples. I really do. But these guys… these guys are extra special to me. Lexi is one of my best friends of about 12 years. and let's be honest from the first time I met Mitch we've been pretty tight. so this was more than just shooting a wedding for me. I laughed and cried and danced hard. and my heart was so full knowing that my dear friends get to spend the rest of their lives together. 

this. dress. have mercy. 

I've never seen my friend look more beautiful than she did on her wedding day. it wasn't just the hair and the makeup and the dress. I know it sounds cliche but Lexi seriously had this radiance about her. I think that's how you know when someone is truly happy. Because it shines out of them, it draws you in, and it's contagious. That's Lexi all the time. But especially on this day.

first look goodness. be still my heart.

Lexi and Mitch have this amazing way of just working together. They balance each other out perfectly. Lexi is passionate and smart and funny and Mitch is hard working and one of the most genuinely caring people I've met. They are both super giving. Like drop whatever they're doing to help, make everyone else feel good kind of people. And they're hilarious. Whenever Lexi and I get together we laugh until it hurts. I'm just glad Mitch appreciates our humor and can actually keep up. Honestly I just love being around them (especially their banter. I looove the banter haha) 

I can hardly handle these. My friends are babes.

This day wasn't just a celebration of Lexi and Mitch's love it was also a celebration of family and friends and the love they have for Lexi and Mitch. I mean it's impossible not to adore these guys. 

Whenever Lexi and I have talked about relationships she has always said the same thing. "You shouldn't have to question it. And it shouldn't be that hard."
That's her and Mitch. Their relationship is sure and steady. There's no doubts. And it's easy. Easy in the sense that their love isn't forced or insincere. It's natural.

there may or may not be a video circulating the interweb that documents this routine.... just saying...


we tore up this dance floor. seriously. all night. there were plenty of broken glasses to prove it....

Lexi & Mitch-
I love you guys. I can't tell you how honored I am that I got to be a part of your wedding day and more importantly a part of your lives. You have two of the biggest hearts. Ever. And you are both such dedicated, hard working people. That's just a small reason I know you're gonna rock this marriage thing out! Don't stop pursuing each other. Don't stop pushing each other. And don't ever stop making each other smile like this. xoxo