Anna + Zach - Wedding

I am so stoked to finally be have a blog again and yes I still have lots of catching up to do and tons of personal photos to share but for some reason I just can't get enough of Anna and Zach. Memorial Day weekend we road tripped to Neenah to photograph their wedding. I am a huge fan of laid back, outdoor events so this was basically the perfect day. I had so much fun with the wedding party and the other guests. They had the most delicious food courtesy of Kangaroostaurant. Awesome home made details. And a wicked dance party. But besides all that I just love Anna and Zach. What they have is seriously what it's all about. You can tell by the way they interact that they are a team. They are best friends. They are each other's everything. And that's really as good as it can get.


spur of the moment first look. 

the flowers are this wedding just killed me! so freaking good.

Anna totally hand dyed and sewed all the bridesmaids dresses. yup. 

I freaking love it when couples walk down the aisle together. seriously.


not only was the food kick ass but i was pretty obsessed with this truck as a back drop as well.

yes. those are in fact freshly deep fried cheese curds. this was a first for me at a wedding. mind = blown

it isn't a party until someone shotguns a PBR....

que crazy awesome dance party with the best music ever. I'm thinking if I ask really nicely Anna might give me a copy of their playlist... it was that good.

spontaneous sparklers to wrap up the evening.


Anna & Zach- I seriously can't say enough good things about you and your wedding day. I am so thankful you chose me to be a part of this special time in your lives. You are some of the most genuine people I have met. I have loved getting to know you. I wish you two nothing but the best. And hopefully there are more pizza dates in our future. Take care of each other!