Leah + Tyler

I arrived at Leah's parents house early the morning of the day that marked 6 years of her and Tyler being together. It was overcast and the tree in the front yard that blooms only one week a year was heavy with huge white blossoms. In half an hour we'd be going to see her groom for the first time that day but Leah was as calm as ever. I think her lack of nerves comes from the fact that there is no denying that these two belong together.

Leah and Tyler had their morning ceremony at the most gorgeous of outdoor locations, Historic Point Basse in Nekoosa. It's in the middle of the woods with the Wisconsin River running alongside it. There are tons of beautiful old buildings including the Wakely House which was absolutely amazing to shoot in/around. Basically the entire location was a dream come true. 

first look goodness. photography was one of the top priorities for these two so seeing each other before the ceremony was a no brainer. it gave them some time alone to take each other in, talk, touch, laugh and allowed us to have lots of time for pictures. this was seriously one of the most laid back weddings I have ever photographed and I loooved it.

One thing I never get tired of is meaningful ceremonies. In an industry where everyone is often in such a hurry to get to cocktail hour, dinner and dancing we sometimes forget to put thought and time into the one thing that weddings are centered around. Leah and Tyler's ceremony was one of the best I've had the chance to be a part of. You could tell this was the moment they had been waiting for, planning for, and dreaming of. The moment when their two lives became one. These guys are a team. They know each other inside and out. They embrace the other person wholly. They push each other to grow as individuals. Leah said something to Tyler in their vows that I think sums up their relationship better than I could try to 

"Thank you for being my rock but never weighing me down." 

Leah and Tyler ended their day with a private first dance. gah. perfect ending to a perfect morning.