Christina + TJ's Kohler Art Center Wedding Sheboygan, WI

Christina and TJ's wedding was a complete dream. They are artistic and stylish and laid back. It was one of the most beautiful days we saw this summer and the Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan was the perfect location for these two. Their day was filled with laughter and dancing and good music (ahem David Bowie and Bob Dylan? that's my love language) and tooons of gorgeous artsy details.

Kohler Art Center Sheboygan WI

This is why everyone should do a first look!

Kohler Art Center Wedding Sheboygan WI
artsy wedding kohler art center

Christina and TJ are both artists so there really was no better backdrop for their wedding. I could have roamed and shot around this building for dayssss.

floral crown wedding bridesmaid

babes. you can never have too many floral crowns in one photo. 

Christina is some kind of genius and did ALL of the hand lettering you see from the signs to the place cards.

Kohler Art Center Wedding Sheboygan WI
Kohler Art Center Wedding Sheboygan WI
artsy wisconsin wedding

These guys are so fun and sweet together I can't even handle it. 

bride floral crown wisconsin wedding

that bouquet though!

and oh yeah... if this wedding wasn't cool enough Anja was there to whip up personal poems for everybody. 

excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. f'real though. 

In case you weren't already impressed... Christina also made these chandeliers and the table numbers aaaand the cake topper.

watercolor cake topper artsy wisconsin wedding
kohler art center wedding sheboygan wisconsin