Anna + Zach - Engaged

i know i have a lot to catch up on but this i have been dying to share since the day it happened. back in march i flew out to Brooklyn to meet one of my couples for this year, take their engagement photos, and eat everything (more on that later!). this is without a doubt one of my favorite shoots to date. i feel like we clicked right away. it didn't feel awkward or uncomfortable. and anna and zach have this insane natural chemistry. they just interacted on their own without me prompting them. this wasn't a super lengthy shoot. there weren't a bunch of props or posing or flashy wardrobes or crazy locations. but damn was it good. it was one of those sessions where i walked away and felt like i had actually created something worth while. like i had found something real. 
i probably picked one of the coldest/windiest weeks to visit and i am pretty sure none of us could feel our appendages afterwards. so anna and zach took us to devour the most delicious pizza in the world. and my life was complete.
these two are getting married on sunday and i can not even handle how freaking awesome it is going to be. seriously seriously. be on the look out.