chloe ann

alright lovers. this has been a long time coming. and it's finally done. the new brand. let's just talk about it for a minute. the past year and a half has been insane. there is no simple way to put it. my life has changed. i have changed. and as a result of that my business has changed. everything is evolving. don't get me wrong i am proud of everything i have done in the past 4 years. but Life Tree just isn't... well me anymore. if you looked at my old brand you would have a totally skewed impression of who i am and what my business is. i needed something fresh and clean. 
so i am pretty stoked that this all actually came together. my logo was hand drawn, carved and printed. so ya know. that's pretty cool. my friend Jenna took some awesome photos of me too. i am working on switching over all my old blog posts but in the mean time you can check out old work at and i will be posting a bunch of recent work right here.