Jace + Brittney - Wedding

There is something so exciting about photographing the wedding of people I am familiar with. I have known both Brittney and Jace since before they even started dating. I am lucky enough to call them friends. These are two of the most genuine, sweet, giving people I have ever met.
And let me tell you they got it right here folks. This is the real deal. Their love I mean. They are best friends. Not like that cliche "oh I'm marrying my best friend" thing. Like legit. They are a team. They speak to each other sweetly and with understanding. And they are always always always making each other laugh. I don't consider myself a big romantic but let's be real here for a second... I walked away from this day remembering why I started photographing couples. That thing that I am always searching for in people.. these two have it. And I love them for it. 
And not only are Brittney and Jace all around amazing they are adorable and seriously know how to plan a wedding. The details at this wedding. Damn. They killed it. 

are these not the most precious little flower girls of all time? gah.

This was one of the most beautiful, emotional, and wonderful moments I have ever gotten to photograph. I am so glad I was there for this. 

converse... a couple after my own heart.


aaaand que crazy dance party complete with 80's garb and what I believe is called a stump banjo(?)... yup I adore this wedding.

I'm wrapping this up with my favorite little set of photos. I can't explain how amazing it was that this couple valued their photographs. They cut out a huge chunk of time for me. They picked out some kick ass locations. And they never once complained about the rain. That's how it's done kids! 
Brittney & Jace- I am so freaking happy I know you. I am so honored that you chose me to be a part of such an important moment in your lives. Thank you for being sweet and adventurous and trusting and fun. Like I said before... you two have it. That thing. Never let go of it and take care of each other. Let's get brew asap. xoxo